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Raven dash cam looks like the ultimate car gadget

Raven dash cam looks like the ultimate car gadget

Why buy multiple gadgets for your car that each only does one thing when you can buy one gadget that can do it all. The Raven connected car system looks like it might be just such a gadget. First of all, it’s a 1080p dash cam. But it’s not a typical dash cam because it has a front and a rear-facing camera. That means that you’ll be able to record the road in front of you as you drive and also what’s happening inside the vehicle. You can also mount it on the dash or on the windshield.

The Raven offers a distraction-free customizable line-of-sight display that provides trip info like your next turn, ETA, and more. This device also offers a WiFi hotspot, real-time remote viewing, vehicle location, trip reports, and more.

The Raven is priced at $299 for the camera and if you want the LTE features, the basic service plan which uses T-Mobile and starts at $8 per month and up to $32 a month for the pro plan that provides 720p live streaming. The camera comes with 3 months of free LTE service. Head over to for more info and you can order one from Amazon.

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Published at Sat, 19 May 2018 18:34:07 +0000 from Google News

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