Geek Deals Roundup: Sci-Fi Kindle ebooks

Geek Deals Roundup: Sci-Fi Kindle ebooks

Summer’s nearly over, but there’s still time to squeeze some reading in during the next few weeks. So if you’re in the mood for some fun science fiction, here are six excellent books you can get on Amazon for $10 or less.


Contact Kindle ebook for $6.99

Carl Sagan, best known for his non-fiction books and television program, also wrote the novel Contact. That was, of course, turned into the movie directed by Robert Zemeckis. Now, you can enjoy this beloved novel for just seven bucks.


The Martian Kindle ebook for $9.99

The movie starring Matt Damon was critically acclaimed and wildly successful a few years back. If you’d like to read the excellent novel that predated the movie, you can grab it for a ten-spot.

Mass Effect

Mass Effect: Revelation Kindle ebook for $7.99

The first Mass Effect game did an excellent job introducing us to the intricacies of an outstanding sci-fi universe, but the prequel novel is required reading if you want the full low-down on Anderson and Saren.


2001: A Space Odyssey Kindle ebook for $8.99

Written alongside Kubrick’s classic film of the same name, 2001: A Space Odyssey works incredibly well as a novel. Considering the pedigree here, it’s no surprise.

Ready Player One

Ready Player One Kindle ebook for $9.99

Steven Spielberg is currently in the process of turning this into a big-budget film, but Ernest Cline’s incredibly popular novel is well worth reading before the movie comes out.

Star Wars

Heir to the Empire: Star Wars Legends Kindle ebook for $7.99

While the “Legends” Star Wars books are no longer considered canon, there’s still a lot of enjoyment to be had. This first installment in the Thrawn Trilogy is an absolute must-read if you want more Star Wars in your life.


Two Free Audiobooks When You Join Audible

If you prefer audiobooks, rejoice. Every single book mentioned above is also on Audible, so you can enjoy your sci-fi while you’re driving, exercising, or relaxing.

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