Fitbit smartwatch: everything we know so far

Fitbit smartwatch: everything we know so far

Everything the Blaze (above, centre) can do, plus quite a bit more.

The leaked images show heart-rate tracking, and it’d be staggering if the smartwatch didn’t have the same Fitbit PurePulse sensor as its other recent trackers.

According to reports, there’ll also be a more precise form of GPS, NFC payments and some kind of built-in music option. This is rumoured to be Pandora (which isn’t available in the UK), with a Spotify tie-in ruled out early in development, according Yahoo Finance’s source.

While that’d be a shame, an interview with the Financial Times revealed that the smartwatch will be waterproof, which is pretty much essential given the Apple Watch S2’s growing talents in the water. So far, only Fitbit’s Flex 2 has been fully waterproof.

There will also apparently be some bonus biometric sensors, which could go beyond the Blaze’s guided breathing and VO2 max equivalent for ranking your overall fitness. We’d expect these to venture further into the areas of stress and sleep areas, given Fitbit’s recent form with the Alta HR.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, Fitbit’s smartwatch will apparently last for four days on a single charge. This would involve some careful software management of its colour screen, but it’s certainly possible given the Blaze’s five day battery life. If true, that’d be a big boon for a smartwatch.

Published at Tue, 01 Aug 2017 18:40:27 +0000 from Google News

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