DualShock 4 Wireless Controller for PlayStation 4 Review

The popular opinion about the DualShock 4 Wireless controller for Playstation 4 is that it is a good one. Players can now have a controller that looks as great as it performs. Not only is this a nice looking controller, but it’s easy to grip and a breeze to use.

It’s made for hand comfort, which can go a long way in giving you the edge when you’re up against your gaming buddies when every second counts. It has an impressively fast response time thanks in part by the light touch of the buttons.

They respond with just the lightest of pressure and the trigger button is made so that it enhances your game play. What’s new in the DualShock and what’s already a hit with gamers is the controller’s touchable track pad.

If you compare this one to the older version, you’ll see that it has the light both on the track pad and the back of the controller. This feature can make all the difference in the world when it comes to gaming and it has a precise reaction to touch that makes it easy to use.

The location of the track pad is easy to reach on the controller. The directional buttons are on the left of the controller and are sensitive to the touch so you don’t have to use a lot of finger strength to get them to respond.

The attack, pause, run, jump and fire buttons are on the right hand side of the controller. The moves that you make with the controller will end up being more precise with this newer version so that you get better trigger action.

The share button is apart from the others but is fairly easy to use and gamers loved the newer style and design of this controller. The tops of the analog sticks have depressions in them to make them more comfortable for your fingers.

The controller is fast and powerful and gamers will love the precision that it offers during game play. What they also love is that the buttons feel stronger in this version of the controller.

The controller is packed with enjoyable features such as the built-in speaker that offers up solid audio for whatever entertainment you’re enjoying. What people love about this controller is that while the controls are familiar to them, they’re much improved over the previous edition.

With better reaction to touch, you get better game play. Plus, the light bar makes it easy to identify who’s playing. The controller is compatible with an older console if you have one and it also has a long lasting battery life.

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