Deal alert: Fitbit fitness tracker range selling up to 40% off on Amazon

Deal alert: Fitbit fitness tracker range selling up to 40% off on Amazon

Fitbit has been in the news quite a bit in anticipation of its upcoming smartwatch. The device is due out this fall and it will have built-in GPS, a high-res colour display, activity, sleep and heart-rate monitoring, contactless payments and on-board storage for music. It will also be water resistant down to 50 metres and have its very own app store. We’ve even caught a glimpse last week of the first images of the yet unnamed device.

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But its almost too easy to forget that the San Francisco outfit produces some of the best fitness trackers out there. If you opt for one of its devices, you can be confident that its going to be simple to use, reliable, look smart, provide great vitals stats and have an excellent app behind it.

All in all, the company now offers eleven different devices for tracking steps and calories. Fitbit still sells all of these, although some of the older devices such as the Flex, Charge, Charge HR and the Alta, have been superseeded with new versions.

Amazon is currently running sizeable discounts on some of the company’s most popular trackers. The best selling Charge 2 is 13% off. This is the Editors choice as the best option for the average person who wants a 24/7 fitness device, and who does the occasional run here and there.

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The new Alta HR is also 13% off. Introduced into the range earlier this year, this is Fitbit’s slimmest tracker yet with built-in heart rate monitoring. Even bigger savings can be had on the Flex 2. The company’s only swim-proof fitness device is a whopping 40% off. The Blaze as well as some other devices in the range are also on sale.

Here are the current deals.

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Published at Mon, 14 Aug 2017 17:25:35 +0000 from Google News

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