CES 2018: A Festival of Self-Driving-Car Gadgets and Pampered Drivers

CES 2018: A Festival of Self-Driving-Car Gadgets and Pampered Drivers

The 2018 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas promises to unveil a future of smarter, safer, and more efficient cars, and Consumer Reports will be there to help separate the truly feasible from the merely fantastic.

The future of self-driving cars will be a dominant theme. This year Lyft and Aptiv (a self-driving-car technology company spun off from auto-parts maker Delphi) are teaming up to provide continuous autonomous rides around Las Vegas for show attendees. Joining them will be FEV, a German parts supplier, and Navya, which has built a driverless people mover that’s already on the road in Paris.

The real news, however, might be under the skin of the demo fleets, because the technology for the sensors and software that make self-driving cars work is getting better—and cheaper. Velodyne, a key supplier of lidar, the siren-looking device often housed on the top of self-driving cars, just cut the price of its devices in half. (Lidar bounces laser beams off of surrounding objects to create a kind of a map.) Other companies are promising better cameras, radar, software, and computing processors; these are all the building blocks of self-driving vehicles. 

A team from Consumer Reports will be at the show, checking out the wares and exhibits, and keeping CR.org readers informed of the latest developments.

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