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Car-share firm Zipcar to launch more than 300 electric vehicles this year

Car-share firm Zipcar to launch more than 300 electric vehicles this year

Zipcar is to introduce more than 300 electric cars to its vehicle-sharing network in London, starting this summer.

The car-sharing platform will launch the first 100 of its electric Volkswagen e-Golfs in July, before increasing the fleet to 325 by the end of the year in what the firm believes is the largest number of publicly available shared electric vehicles in the country.

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Zipcar said it hoped to boost electric vehicle adoption by bringing the technology more into the mainstream through it hundreds of new vehicles.


The fleet of new cars will be available as part of Zipcar’s Flex service, which allows members to “drive and drop”, and Zipcar confirmed the new vehicles would be made available through its existing app.

The firm’s UK general manager, Jonathan Hampson, said: “With over 200,000 Zipcar members now in London, we are already seeing Londoners embracing car-sharing rather than car-owning in growing numbers.

“If we are to achieve healthier, cleaner streets, as set out in the Mayor of London’s latest Transport Strategy, this change away from car ownership and towards car access is essential.

“In encouraging this change, we have always wanted to use the cleanest possible vehicles, which is why we’re incredibly proud and excited to team up with Volkswagen for this zero-emissions initiative.

“It marks another step towards our vision for a greener London where car sharers outnumber car owners, making our amazing city an even better place to live for all.”

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Published at Thu, 31 May 2018 08:33:40 +0000 from Google News

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